Video: Beyoncé – Drunk in Love (Explicit) ft. JAY Z

Apparently Dolly Parton Raps Now…

I came to Hulu to do research for my grand scheme of giving up cable, but got sidetracked by the following clip. As you can see in the thumbnail, Dolly Parton is rocking an Afro; problem number one, two , and three. read that correctly, apparently she is rapping about twerking, Miley Cyrus, and how she rocks her breasts better than Queen Latifah. Im sure my explanation can never capture the essence of a mature famed country singer who crosses into the ever evolving genre of rap so just check it out for yourself. Let me know your thoughts.

This child never had a chance…

Stream Pusha T’s new album MY NAME IS MY NAME #MNIMN

Pusha T is about to drop his new album MY NAME IS MY NAME on October 8, but he has released the entire album for streaming via wait for it MySpace! I know, but seriously it knocks…HARD.  Luckily,  you dont have to take my word for it, listen for yourself.  Hopefully this player is easy to use.  I originally went to MySpace and it kept trying to make me login; I had to add it the queue first.  I was like who remembers their password anymore?!




My Name Is My Name from Pusha T on Myspace.

Dear Wall St., Expect to Be Frisked #31WriteNow

Surely by now you have heard of the Stop and Frisk law in New York City where police officers have had free reign to stop anyone on the street for no real reason and frisk them.  The amount of stopping and frisking of African American and Latino citizens has been at an alarmingly higher rate than Caucasian citizens, and while crime has declined the amount of stops have increased.  Recently the law found its way into Judge Shira A. Scheindlin’s court in the Federal District of Manhattan and was ruled unconstitutional after a two-month trial with no jury.  In a court document that spanned almost 200 pages the Judge found that innocent people were being  stopped without any probable cause or reason for inferring wrongdoing.  Sadly, Mayor Bloomberg is not taking the ruling lying down and already working toward an appeal.

Leave it to The Daily Show to flip the script and find a comical way to help people understand the error in the practice.  I don’t want to ruin it, but instead of the African American reporter denouncing the law, she says they are not doing enough in the high crime area of….Wall St.! Where the usual culprits are, you guessed it White Men.  I fall out every time I watch it, so if you haven’t seen this already its highly recommended.



Janelle Monae has released another single to get us ready for her Sept. 10 release of Electric Lady.  She already hit us with Q.U.E.E.N ft. Erykah Badu and there are additional features from Cee-lo, Prince,  and Solange on the album as well.  This new single  is called Primetime featuring Miguel.  Im all about this grown and sexy smooth R&B they are feeding us.  Take a listen and let me know if you are feeling it as well.


Upgrade Your Space With a Chandelier – #31WriteNow

Ballard Designs

Ballard Designs Chandelier


These days I am all about the updated version of Hollywood glam with maybe a little modern French twist.  Tufted everything, nail-head trim, and wing-back chairs galore.  If only my budget could display all the lovely ideas in my head, oh well.  What I am also into is modern versions of old school chandeliers. I’ve always loved a good chandelier, but they were always a bit rich for my blood.  I can remember being a little girl forced into watching The Young and The Restless and really digging the ones Mrs. Chancellor and Mrs. Newman had.  I eventually got hooked on the soap of course, but I was forced originally because I was in a one television home and my Mom worked for the school system. Note: I was definitely not a play outside until the lights come on kind of kid.  I used to be like Why every time I get a day off you get a day off, but I digress.  Now that chandeliers are on trend, there are countless places where I can actually get a nice looking replica to take my little dining area to the next level. I’m thinking of adding one to my bedroom as well.

I’ve watched enough HGTV in my time to know that lighting is a very important element to any interior design.  If you are in the market for a chandelier you have to consider the overall feel you are going for.  Funky eclectic? Traditional? French Country? You want it, they got it trust me. Also, don’t always feel like you have to go to a traditional store.  There are gems in garage sales, flea markets, and even Goodwill ,especially if you are not afraid to do a little facelift.  Im going for an elegant look overall, but not an unlivable space.  My place is a bit too small for me to have areas where I just get to look and not touch.

Here some examples of good ones Ive found so far. What do you think?







Surgeon Arrested For Stealing Drugs From Patient’s Stomach #31WriteNow

photo: theguardian/PA

It is HARD out here for a drug mule.  A while back Three Six Mafia reminded us so eloquently that it is hard out here for a pimp, but where is the award winning song for drug mules?  They should give them something because I just read up on yet another cautionary tale that people need to know about.  Basically a known drug smuggler thought it was a good idea to transport some heroin on a train and things didn’t go so well.  The police were already watching him, so they swooped in  and took him to the hospital to remove the capsules from his stomach. Dude is currently in a coma and fighting for his life.  Stay in school, say no to drugs, and that’s all folks right? WRONG

In the latest you wont believe this $*#t news, a doctor was arrested for stealing the heroin he removed from the suspect for the police.  Now I don’t know if this doctor feels like he is underpaid, but apparently he felt the need to take some of the heroin for himself.  The police are reporting that the surgeon was found with 5 grams of heroin in his clothes.  At the time of his arrest, “he was in a state of drug intoxication” and is charged with theft and drug possession.  How does one go from hospital surgeon to facing 15 years for stealing out of your patient? Perhaps the drug mule would not be fighting so hard for his life if his original doctor had been putting more effort into saving his life than he was in plotting to steal.

Horry County PD

I feel like he had a pile for the police and himself.  One for you…..two for me

This all went down in Russia so I don’t know how different things are over there, but the local news is reporting that the surgeon had a history of drug possession.  I don’t know about you, but I have questions! Right off the bat, how was a known drug addict working at the hospital as a surgeon and asked by the police to perform a surgery where the task is to remove drugs.  Second, what made them go back and check his clothes?  Were they suspicious of the amount that was handed over? Did somebody notice he was acting a little crackish?  I mean they found 5 grams when they arrested him, but he was already high as a kite so clearly he took more than that.  I suppose I may never know…






Complete 3.1 Phillip Lim For Target Line Revealed – #31WriteNow


Finally! After all the teaser photos, the complete 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target line has been revealed.  I have to say, after a few disappointments with Target collaborations in the late I had low expectations, but the first few pictures that came out of items in this collection definitely piqued my interests.  They revealed a mini version of the Pashli satchel, you know the one that retails for $895; the mini in the Target collection will be a mere $35!  There is an obvious difference in the quality of the leather, but the mini is not bad at all.  Well today, pictures of the entire line are out and I want a few things.  I’m a sucker for a good handbag and i’m not sure if I can choose just one.  I also really like this animal print they have.  Hopefully getting the collection wont be super crazy and I can try on a few pieces because I wouldn’t be comfortable just ordering online.  Here’s the thing, usually a look book makes me want something even more, but the model they have had me going back to the original photos and scratching my head.  I really was looking at the screen like well I thought it was cute, but now I don’t know.  Anywho, take a look for yourself and let me know what you think. Collection in stores September 15.

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