Manicure Monday: Chrome Nails

Rose gold chrome acrylic stiletto nails with rhinestone accent

Its seems like everywhere I turn I see another fire set of chrome nails. A few months ago Gigi Hadid gave the trend a major boost into mainstream media by rocking them to the 2016 Met Gala. At first, it seemed like only the pros were having all the fun, but now its pretty easy to buy the powder and […]

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5 Tips to Coast Through Your Whole30

5 Tips To Coast Through Your Whole30 |

So you’ve made the brave decision to embark on a Whole30 journey. People end up doing the Whole30 for all types of reasons; perhaps you have some food sensitivities, want to finally give up sugar, or just want to drop a few pounds the “right” way.  I’m not going to lie to you, although all three apply it was the […]

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Travel Hack: Use Google Maps Without Data or Wifi

Have you ever heard about an update to an app and been totally nonchalant about it, not realizing how life altering the change is really going to be? That is how I was with all the updates to Google Maps, and to be more specific, the use of off-line google maps. It’s certainly not for the lack of need, I […]

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Hello….. Its Me

I secretly feel like Adele writing this post after the ridiculously long hiatus I took from blogging. I am sorry to all five of you who actually read this thing.  As you  can see, there has been a few changes around these parts and while this will continue to be a lifestyle blog, ill be focusing more on travel as […]

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